21 Web Directories You’ll Still Want To Use


21 Web Directories You'll Still Want To Use

Do web directories still have value in 2022? You bet. Check out these 21 web directories to increase visibility and drive traffic to your website.

MX Linux 21 XFCE: Set Up & Customization [step by step]

In this video, I’ll walk you through how to configure MX Linux 21 XFCE so that it is runs effortlessly and secure. This comprehensive guide is beginner friendly and also covers most of what you’ll need to know to be able to effectively secure and easily manage and maintain your MX Linux system.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:00 Edit the Terminal preferences
00:01:51 Run the updates
00:04:44 Intro to MX Tools
00:05:54 Install the NVidia driver
00:12:00 Edit the NVIDIA X Server settings
00:18:34 Run applications using the NVidia GPU (in a hybrid system)
00:21:02 Install extra media codecs
00:22:18 Edit/change the Conky

00:26:25 Edit the panel
00:29:01 Change the theme
00:31:01 Using the Compositor to eliminate screen-tearing
00:32:29 Scaling your monitor displays
00:33:48 Turn off single-click
00:34:06 Edit password preferences

00:35:07 Open the Settings Manager
00:35:35 Turn off the Clipboard manager
00:36:44 Change desktop wallpapers
00:37:53 Show/hide desktop icons
00:39:03 Edit notification settings
00:39:53 Create window tiling keyboard shortcuts
00:43:20 Turn off window wrapping across workspaces
00:44:37 Create DNS network connections
00:53:55 The bluetooth manager
00:54:20 Create keyboard shortcuts to launch apps
00:56:32 Edit the mouse, touchpad & cursor settings
00:57:39 Edit the Power Manager
01:01:06 The Printer settings
01:01:41 Enable the Firewall
01:03:47 Add adblock entries into /etc/hosts file

01:04:51 Edit the Thunar file browser settings
01:07:28 Create system folders for AppImages, icons & wallpapers
01:09:58 Transfer system folder permissions from root to user
01:14:20 Download/install AppImageLauncher
01:18:10 Edit boot options to boot into systemD
01:21:30 Configure AppImageLauncher
01:22:23 AppImageLauncher demo
01:25:41 Install Firejail, Firejail Profiles & FireTools
01:27:28 How to sandbox apps using Firejail
01:30:41 How to sandbox AppImages using Firejail
01:32:01 Install Redshift for night-time computer use
01:35:09 Install Geoclue to give Redshift location info
01:36:38 Install Gnome Disk Utility for auto-mounting extra hard-drives

01:41:45 Quick clean up
01:43:11 Clean system with MX Cleaner
01:43:46 Install Stacer
01:44:57 Using Stacer to clean system
01:46:06 Create a snapshot using MX Snapshot
01:50:16 Setup Timeshift
01:51:54 Create a system snapshot using Timeshift
01:53:01 Set up Timeshift auto-snaps
01:55:29 Outro

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Song: Hydroxica
Album: Insomnia
Performed by: Streambeats by Harris Heller
Written by: Senpai Records

Song: Bonsai
Album: Insomnia
Performed by: Streambeats by Harris Heller
Written by: Senpai Records

STÆMPUNK TV thoroughly tests & seeks out any potential issues with apps that are included in a configuration. Please be aware that installing applications from outside the MX Repositories could lead to potential instability of your MX Linux system. Only install applications that you are sure work well and are free from problems and issues. STÆMPUNK TV takes no responsibility for broken systems or loss of data.

Staempunk TV linux beginner to intermediate how-to videos.
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Web Server: Enable Directory Listing / Directory Browsing with .htaccess & create files with no name

Web Servers hide the contents of folders by default. If there’s no index.html or index.php file, it will show a “403 Forbidden” error. That means that the folder exists, but you don’t have access to it. Different from a “404 Not Found” error, meaning no such folder exists.
If you want to see the files inside all folders, you need to put this .htaccess file in the directory you want to enable
Download htaccess zip http://www.mediafire.com/download/qm398c6l99xl8o8/htaccess+File+Inside.zip
UnZip it and it should work. (This is if you’re having trouble creating files with no name, only an extension)

➤Create .htaccess file
-Open notepad (or other text editor)
-Save a blank file called “.htaccess” (no filename just an extension)
-Make sure you change the “Save as Type” dropdown from “Text Document *.txt” to “All files”
-Use ftp software to copy the .htaccess file to your web server
-You might need to “Show hidden files” in order to see it

➤Configuring htaccess
➨”Options +Indexes”
-Adding this enables the list of files in the folder
-Capitalization doesn’t matter
-You can comment out lines with a hashtag/number sign (#)
➨”IndexOptions FancyIndexing”
-This changes the display
➨”Options -Indexes”
-this hides the listings. Add a new .htaccess file in a subfolder to disable directory listing in that folder and keep it active in the containing folder
➨”DirectoryIndex 1.txt”
-This sets the default page to load instead of index.html or index.php (as long as 1.txt exists)
➨”IndexIgnore *.txt *.doc”
-This excludes any files with the extension txt & doc from the list
-They’re still accessible by direct URL, but just won’t show up if directory listing is enabled

More Detailed video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsaaVCB55dQ

Automated User Signup Emails �� Webinar Wednesday 18 – Training Workshop for Directory Software

�� In this video, we’ll show you how to set up automated user signup emails on Brilliant Directories.
➡️ Free Trial: https://brilliantdirectories.com/Trial
➡️ Live Demo: https://brilliantdirectories.com/Demo

A lot of websites have an email subscription system but don’t send welcome emails when users sign up.
➡️ This is a missed opportunity to communicate with your audience and make them excited about your products/services.
In this video we’ll show you how to set up auto-signup emails. We also have a lot of other great BD guides.
Watch the video to see all the info we have for you!
Thanks for joining Brilliant Directories’ co-founder, Jason Haloossim, and brand manager, Patrick Brunelle, for the eighteenth edition of Webinar Wednesdays!

This webinar covers topics including:
✔️ Strategies to drive consumer traffic to your website
✔️ Facebook ads
✔️ Custom listing details form
✔️ Custom member search form
✔️ Overview about leads
✔️ Override a sold out lead
✔️ Replace member logo with profile picture
✔️ Remove map from member profile page
✔️ Edit/remove member profile page sidebar
✔️ Create social media banners with Canva: https://www.canva.com/
✔️ Create a general user membership level
✔️ Automated signup confirmation emails
✔️ Add sidebar to homepage
✔️ Add recent reviews to sidebar

�� What kind of automated user signup emails do you want to send? Let us know in the comments below.

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➡️ We’ve created this channel to provide tips and tricks for using the directory software and to help you easily launch and manage membership websites for business listings, classified ads, local search portals, non-profits, associations and much more.

➡️ The basics of managing the site are easy – and if you want to get more in-depth or have any questions… you can watch this YouTube channel’s videos. You’ll learn how to set up SMS text messages for members, connect a domain name, create a community message board on your membership website, and much more – all for free.

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