5 Examples of Terrible Content That Ranks Remarkably Well


5 Examples of Terrible Content That Ranks Remarkably Well

Not all high-quality content earns top rankings. Some content brings no value to searchers, yet it appears on Page 1 of the SERPs. Here are five examples of such terrible content.

Talkin’ draft with Nathan Cooper of Sports Info Solutions

Sports Info Solutions is at the forefront of NFL analytics. Nathan Cooper of SIS joins the show to talk Giants, draft.

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Top 10 Times Bluey Tackled Serious Issues

More than a kids show, “Bluey” tackled many serious issues. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most notable instances when the Australian preschool show touched on important subjects in a thoughtful and family-friendly way. Our countdown includes deafness, infertility, the life cycle, and more! Which serious issue do YOU think “Bluey” tackled the best? Let us know in the comments!

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Have Your Idea Become A Video!

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Guava Juice: A Guide To Losing Your Entire Audience

Guava Juice was once gaining over 200 million views every single month. That number has since declined by over 90%, with the majority of his recent views coming from shorts as his long form content gains around 100,000 views per video. What on earth went wrong?

This is, Guava Juice: A Guide To Losing Your Entire Audience.

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Also, the idea for this video was inspired by BillsYT who posted a video on a similar topic in April 2022 titled ” The Downfall Of A YouTube Titan: Guava Juice! ” You can watch his version here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lt5S1t2pl0c &t=403s

7 Surprisingly Harrowing Deaths for Cute Characters

Plenty of adorable characters die in video games to make us sad. Let’s sob together over these deeply distressing deaths we really weren’t expecting… Oh god, poor Cutie! ������

CW/TW: It Takes Two features parents breaking their child’s toy to make her cry, which may be understandably upsetting for some viewers. To avoid this section, skip to 04:19 ��

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